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Due to its attractive landscape and its historic castles, the WACHAU has been announced as a world heritage by the UNESCO. The WACHAU is one of the world's most beautiful river valleys, a wine growing area renowned around the world, a terrace landscape and an historical event.

13 communities enclose this world heritage, a 180 km long distance trail - and our village  Emmersdorf is a part of it. The incredible landscape with its historical roads invites to exciting tours. Come and enjoy!

Tips for Excursions: 

Danube: In the section between Melk and Krems the Danube is still flowing freely, surrounded by impressive cliffs, floodplains, forests, winegrowing areas and species-rich meadows. In this region rare and endangered animals and plants find their habitats.  

Emmersdorf an der Donau:

Donkey Adventure

Jauerling: (for skiers and snowboarders)

Monastery Melk

Luberegg: beautiful sandy beach

Donausee Luberegg - wonderful lake with crystal clear water

Castle Ruin Aggstein

Charterhouse Aggsbach-Dorf

Castle Ruin Dürnstein

Colegiate Church Dürnstein

Dunkelsteiner Forest with the legendary past of this obscure tale 

Doublecity Stein - Krems

Art Gallery Krems

Caricature Museum Krems

Wine Town Museum Krems

Navigation: from Melk or Emmersdorf to Krems or

Ruin Hinterhaus/ Spitz an der Donau

Maritime Museum Spitz

Ruin Dürnstein

Servite Cloister Schönbühel

Fortified Church St. Michael


one hour away, by car: 

Ötscher: The Ötscher is 1893 meters high, it belongs to the Northern Calcareous Alps, its enormous cave system provides tunnels with 15 meters diameter. An awesome attraction for the whole family in winter as in summer.